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Calendula Lavender Salve

 Whipped Body Butter

Evergreen Balm
Michigan Douglas Fir

My selection of salves may be small right now, but they are indispensable to a homeowners first aid kit.

Calendula Lavender Salve is oh, so gentle.
Perfect for baby's bum, rough, dry skin, scrapes, scratches, & small owies.
Ingredients: olive oil, calendula, organic lavender oil, vitamin E, beeswax
sold by volume in a 1.7 oz. amber jar

Evergreen Balm...even the name sounds soothing!
My Evergreen Balm is harvested locally and can be useful for sore, achy muscles, chest congestion (just rub on chest and/or soles of feet), or dry chapped skin.
Ingredients: olive oil, Douglas Fir, shea butter, orange peel, vitamin E, beeswax
sold by volume in a 2.5 oz tin

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Whipped Body Butter...useful for dry, chapped hands, elbows, heels.
A pea size dab is all you need.
It comes as a solid, but melts instantly into your hands.
Rich, creamy, and decadent.
Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and fragrance oil.
Be careful...
This butter is addicting!
Currently we have two fragrances:
sold by volume in a 2.5 oz tin